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Temkit's Educational Coloring and Activities Treasury

Over 2,000 files of printable PDF coloring pages; learn to Draw; and activity pages for children of all ages!  Some are for little folk and some are art quality and very challenging.  Subjects include, Animals; Nature; Bible; Seasons; and History.A useful collection for Parents and Teachers. Temcat has been working on this collection for years and now you can make it your own! Also those who aquire this CD-ROM are entitiled to free future updates when they occur!  500 MB


Temkit's Educational EBook Treasury Library

Over 450 Books and Stories for children of all ages! Most are for school age and beyond but there are also some Picture Books and Early Reader Material. Also has a 'Read Along and Listen' presentation on the Life of Jesus, as well as "Scare-Dee-Cat" with 20 'Read Along and Listen' stories.The Scare-Dee-Cat series was created to help children with anxiety issues that are usually not commonly discussed. Then too we have included a section featuring Music and Poems with some audio files to help in learning the songs. A  valuable resource  for Home Scholars and those who want worth-while reading material for the young folk, or maybe you like stories yourself. Subjects include, Animals; Nature; Bible; History; a collection of resources for Parents and Teachers; and much more!  649 MB

Temkit's Sabbath School Treasury!

'TEMKIT' PDF Bible Lesson Quarterlies; Memory Verse Cards; and Activity Books and Teacher's Answer Guide for each Quarter! Over a Hundred Fifty Story Papers, Enough for 3 Whole Years at 1 per week; they are full of True Stories, Poems, Pictures and Bible Lessons.

Each Story/Bible Lesson paper can either be read on your computer, or printed. Parents or teachers can print a NEW TEMKIT PAPER EACH WEEK for a total of 3 whole years. Each one is packed with exciting stories teaching worthwhile truths and a Bible Lesson with a portion to read each day! Our new format is just like the old 'Our Little Friend' that many of us grew up with. We also have matching Lesson Quarterlies; Activity Books for each quarter; and full color Memory Verse Cards for each quarter.

In addition we have included a Sabbath Activity section and 26 Power Point presentations of Old Fashioned Hymns to learn.


This CD-ROM is truly unique! It Auto-starts to open a realistic bookshelf containing 20 colorful Books. A click of the Mouse causes a book to open and as the child clicks the pages turn with a realistic sound. Each book contains color photos and pictures on the subject; some of the pages contain embedded sounds which when clicked on play the sound of the animal or bird in the picture or a song. As soon as a child can use a mouse they can spend happy hours with these lovely books and even toddlers are delighted to see the pictures. GREAT for home-schools!


TITLES: In the Beginning; Bright & Beautiful; Reptiles & Amphibians; Birds; Under the Sea; Plants & Flowers; Butterflies; My Happy-Thankful book; Choosing the Good; Jesus Loves Me; Puppies and Kittens; Several on animals; and 2 Bible-Story Primers.
(Flip-books will run on PC only. To start CD from the file on your hard-drive-click 'startCD.exe') 114 MB


This Second Volume of this fascinating series has 20 more Books, especially geared to early readers as it has simple stories to read as well as stunningly lovely true-to-life pictures, but younger children can enjoy the songs and pictures and have the stories read to them. GREAT for home-schools!


TITLES: My Bible ABCs; My Counting Book; Stories About Jesus; My Little Song-Book 1&2; Lion's Den; Fiery Furnace; My Pretty Bird Book; Good Shepherd; Homestead Farm; and several books of delightful, antique Victorian pictures.

(Flip-books will run on PC only. To start CD from the file on your hard-drive-click  'startCD.exe') 479 MB

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