Basic Bible Study Courses
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A Complete Power-point Study  Course:

This is a BASIC BIBLE COURSE of 32 Lessons: Learn what the Word of God actually teaches on subjects like, 'where are our beloved dead'; 'God's Sabbath'; 'Bible prophecy'; 'How to come to Jesus and have your sins forgiven'; 'Strength for today and bright Hope for tomorrow';  A wonderful introduction to Bible teachings.

It has high resolution PowerPoint's, Printable PDFs of the Lessons,  Worksheets and answers for each lesson, also 33 extra, special High resolution slideshows "Drama of the Ages" and 4 of "Sabbath Rest" Whether for your own personal study, or teaching to groups small or large, this course has the resources you need. Easy-to-use *Auto-run CD-ROM:
 232 MB



This is your invitation; whether young or old; to go exploring in the Greatest Book ever written!

31 Lessons cover all the Basic Bible Truths; Great for teaching Individuals, Youth,  Family Worships, Church groups or Bible classes! Includes Power Points for each Lesson; a Story Illustration; Supplemental reading; A Resource Library; Review Quizzes for each Lesson! Includes Bonus 33 Slideshow Series, "Drama of the Ages". 440 MB