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The materials for sale on this Pay-Pal Store are in Downloadable Zip files. When you purchase  a Title, the URL to download your Zip Files will be emailed to you.

 This is not automatic; we will try and respond to your orders within 24 hours, and your links will be active for a few days.

To Download zip file on Windows; right click the links on the page and choose "Save Target As" and download zip-file to your computer.

After Downloading.

When you have downloaded your Zip file, you can extract the contents. We recommend that you keep a copy on your computer BUT you should also copy the file to a disc for backup.

How to make Auto-run CD-ROMs.

After extracting your Zip file, you will have a folder with the contents of the CD-ROM in it on your hard drive. You can use any CD Burning program to make a data disc by copying all the CONTENTS of that folder to a CD; you do not copy the folder itself, only all the contents.

Then when your CD-ROM is burned, and you insert it into your computer, the auto-run feature will start and pop up an entry screen to go to features of the CD-ROM. OR if this is a MP3 Audio CD, it will automatically start in any good MP3 player. (We have made special efforts to make sure the audio files play in proper order -- please report to us any that don't!)

If you have a Apple product or Windows 7, or 8 you will have to click on the file 'autorun.exe' to start the CD-ROM.

Our newer files will not have the auto-run feature. So click on "default" to open the material in a web-site format.

To run the CD-ROM from the file on your hard drive, extract the contents of the Zip file and then open the folder and click on the file 'autorun.exe', or default.

NOTE: This e-store sells only downloadable files, you will not receive a hard copy of the disc in the mail but you can make your own.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need a good internet connection to be able to download these files as they are quite large. We have put the size of each on the CD-ROM description.



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Welcome to all who may be looking for uniquely different, Bible-based courses and resources for Adults, Youth and Children. These materials are helpful for homeschooling; small groups or meetings as well as Bible Studies, and evangelism; and are excellent for guiding Home Worship and your personal study as well. Please explore what we have online now and check back often as we hope to have many new titles in the near future.

All Items $5.00 USD each.


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We are updating many of our CD-ROM Zip-files. When you see the 'Updated' sign on the listing, if you have purchased this item since 2013, you may request a link to download the updated file free! Just send your request in our contact form. Be sure to include an accurate email address for us to send you the link! Updated CDs will have added pictures etc.

NEW! Old Testament Bible Pictures B

NEW! 02/2015 "Making Prophecy Practical"

Advent-Pioneer Library update

New Testament Bible Story Pictures A, B update